Protect your feet and experience freedom with Baresocks

The unique Baresocks are your loyal companion for all activities and reliably protect your feet from injuries. Nasty splinters, pointed stones and sharp edges can no longer harm your feet thanks to the unique composition of the Baresocks.
Go out and experience freedom - with Baresocks

Robust, flexible and quick-dry. 

With the mixture of cotton and HPPE - a material that is 10 times stronger than steel - this extraordinary sock is significantly more robust than conventional socks. Nevertheless, it remains flexible enough to be used for various outdoor sports activities.

Versatile - also for your favorite activity

Baresocks especially inspire outdoor enthusiasts. Whether jogging in the forest, beach volleyball on the beach or kite surfing in the lake - the Baresocks offer your feet protection for all outdoor activities and thus the best basis for a safe, fun experience in nature.

But that is by far not all: Baresocks are so comfortable that they are often worn in everyday life.

Baresocks protect the feet and enrich the lives of runners, water sports enthusiasts, mountaineers, beach lovers and, in the future, you in all activities.

Feel the safe freedom.

With the reliable protection of BAREsocks you will experience even more joy in all activities and safely and safely immerse yourself in your passion.

BAREsocks are the basis for safe outdoor adventures and will also be part of your standard equipment in the future.

Order your BAREsocks now and discover for yourself which activities the BAREsocks best protect you.

After many wounded and injured feet, Stijn, the founder of BAREsocks, came up with the idea of ​​creating socks that are more robust and protect the foot.

And with success! With these unique socks, Stijn is now able to enjoy his passion for surfing with joy and safety and to share his innovative solution with many other outdoor people all over the world.

Become part of the Baresocks family, protect your feet and run carefree everywhere! 


What size are these socks available in?
The socks are one size, but they are best for sizes EU 37-44.

How can I pay?
We support all payment options that are commonly used in your country. Whether that is creditcard, Paypal or Visa card.

When can I expect my order?
With covid still affecting our logistics, you can expect your package within 5-12 business days after the moment you placed your order.

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